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Tinplate Sheets

  • 属性值

Thickness 0.14mm-0.50mm(tolerance±0.01mm)
Width 500mm-980mm(tolerance ±3mm)
Length 500mm-1250mm/Specification length can
arrange for customers' requirements
Coil ID /
HS code 721012
Tin coating weight  1.0-5.6g/㎡
Temper T1,T2,T2.5,T3,T3.5,T4,T5,DR8
Tempering method BA
Using steel brand BAO Steel, SHOUGANG
Product Brand KEMAO
Standard GB2520, JIS G3303, DIN EN10202
Coil Weight /
Sheet Weight 1-2 MT
Strip Weight /
Passivation 311
Tinplate Model example 0.26*832W*760
Oiling DOS
Certificate ISO9001
Market Global
Minimum order quantity 25 MT/ One container
Port of delivery Any port in China

Tin coating of different thickness:(g/m2) Purpose
Marking of adhesion weights Normal adhesion weights min average
adhesion weights
JIS(G3303) Tin plates with less tin
coating weight are generally
used for paint vessel or
vessel with low requirements
on corrosion resistance.
Tin plates with more tin 
coating weight is generally
used for iron tank with high
requirements on corrosion
resistance and vessel
used without painting.
1.1/1.1 1.1/1.1 1.8 #10
2.8/2.8 2.8/2.8 4.9 #25
5.6/5.6 5.6/5.6 10.5 #50
Tin coating of different thickness:(g/m2)
Marking of adhesion weight Normaladhesion weights min average
adhesion weights
2.8/1.1 2.8/1.1 2.25/0.90 #25/10
5.6/2.8 5.6/2.8 5.05/2.25 #50/20

Together with passivation treatment and DOS oil.

Bright(B)/Mirror Stone(R) Sliver(S) Matt(M)
Main uses General purpose cans General use cans Cans for different applications,
 crown caps
Crown caps
Characteristics Finishing with melded tin,
with a bright shine
Finish with melded tin, 
produced on the base
metal, with a slightly
matte appearance 
Finish with melded tin
produced using a special
treatment on the best metal
Matt finish, without shine,
with electrolytically deposited
tin without melting on the
matte finished steel plate


Chinese Standard Japanese Standard American Standard  European Standard Applications
GB/T 2520-2008 JIS G3303-2008 ASTM A623M-06a DIN EN10202-2001
T-1  T-1 T-1 (T49) TS230 Necks, nozzles, taps,
toys bottoms for 5 gal.
cans for oil and other
uses that require
deep drawing
T-2 T-2 T-2 (T53) TS245 Small, square cans,
cans for fish (0) salted
meat, rings and other
uses, with moderate draw
T-2.5 T-2.5  ----- TS260 Crowns, for cans
and other applications
that require moderate
draw and harness
T-3 T-3 T-3 (T57) TS275 Bodies for 5 gal oil
cans, large cans and
other applications that
require an appropriate
level of hardness
T-3.5 T-3.5 T-3.5(T59) TS290 Common tank with
requirements on good
T-4 T-4 T-4 (T61) TH415 Bodies and bottoms
for cans that require
relatively high strength,
and crown caps
T-5 T-5 T-1 (T65) TH435 Bodies and bottoms
of for cans that require
a combination of high
hardness, strength,
and good formability
DR-8 DR-8 DR-8 TH550 Bodies and bottoms
of small diameter cans
requiring high strength


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