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KEM Board of Directors

The Company is managed by a board of directors which currently comprise two executive Directors and three non-executive Directors. The Company considers a Director is independent when the Director is free from any business or other relationship that could materially interfere with, or reasonably be perceived to materially interfere with, the independent exercise of the Director’s judgement. The Directors’ qualifications and experiences are summarized as follows:  

LEONG Chong Peng (Sharon)

Independent Non-Executive Chair
Bachelor of Commerce, Curtin University  
Australian citizen; Appointed on 28 May 2018

Ms. LEONG is a Certified Practicing Accountant and Registered Company Auditor in Australia. Currently, she is a director of CPL Corporate, a professional Perth-based practice specializing in providing accounting and corporate services to small and medium- sized businesses. She speaks and writes English and Chinese, and is also fluent in the Chinese Cantonese dialect. Prior to founding CPL Corporate, she was an executive director of the Australian member firm of a mid-tier international accounting network and, in her early career, worked at the Hong Kong, Shanghai and Perth office of a Big-Four international accounting firm. During her career, she had participated in the audits of multinational and listed companies in Hong Kong, China and Australia and had gained experience in accounting, corporate governance, risk management and corporate compliance. She has also been involved in initial public offerings in both Australia and Hong Kong. 

LAM Long Huy (Bill)

Independent Non-Executive Director
Bachelor of Business (Accounting and Finance Major), University of Technology Sydney
Australian citizen; Appointed on 28 May 2018

Mr. LAM is the founder and executive director of ABL Accounting and Taxation Pty Ltd, a boutique accounting firm which he established in 1993. Qualified as a CPA in Australia, his practice focus is in advising clients on accounting, tax planning and compliance and general corporate compliance matters. His corporate clients operate in a range of industries such as retail, property, education, recruitment, hospitality and the medical and legal professions. Prior to founding ABL Accounting and Taxation Pty Ltd, He worked as the financial controller of Wills Australia for 10 years and at AAPT Limited, a company listed on the ASX before it was acquired, then delisted, by Telecom New Zealand. He was independent non-executive director and company secretary of Sanhe Building Materials Technology Limited, an Australian public company which was listed on the Sydney Stock Exchange. Prior to this public company experience, he has also worked, on secondment, for a company listed on the Growth Enterprise Market board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong.

Mr CHEN Dong

Executive Director
Chinese citizen; Appointed on 28 May 2018 
Mr. CHEN joined Kemao China in 2016 as the company’s legal representative and in 2018 he became the company’s General Manager. He is responsible for executing the company’s business plans, maintaining business relationships with overseas customers and managing the growth of the company’s export business.  
He has more than 18 years of experience in the manufacturing sector. He founded Jiangyin Fumao Chemical Fiber Factory in 2003 and has been acting as its general manager. Prior to this, he acted as the general manager of Jiangyin Maosheng Textile Manufacturing from 2000 to 2003. He was a recipient of Jiangyin outstanding entrepreneur award and is currently the vice president of Jiangyin Chamber of Commerce.  

Ms CHEN Fang

Executive Director
Chinese citizen; Appointed on 28 May 2018 
Ms. CHEN joined Kemao China in 2011 and is currently Chief Business Development Officer of Kemao China. She started as a management trainee in the company and was responsible for managing the manufacturing operations.  
She is now responsible for the company’s overall marketing, raw material procurement and day-to-day management of sales activities. She plans and implements marketing strategies for the purposes of identifying and developing new customers and business opportunities internationally. She was a recipient of Wuxi City’s Development and Innovation Talents Award.   

Mr. ZHOU Jianping

Independent Non-Executive Director
Chinese citizen; Appointed on 28 May 2018

Mr. ZHOU worked in the local government from 1977 to 1999.
In 2000, he founded an insulating materials business and acted as the chairperson and general manager between 2000 and 2009. From 2010 until now, he is the chair and general manager of an insulation material technology company that he founded in 2010. The company runs a successful business producing insulated fire-resistant mica tapes which are sold internationally.  In 2017, he was chairperson of Jiangsu Lefu Family Technology Co., Ltd. The company manufactures graphene heating films using its own patented technology which are used for floor heating, steam rooms, foot bath buckets, floor mats, movable heaters, etc. The company has six production bases and more than a hundred franchise stores in China.


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