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Food & Beverage
TINPLATE can assures the hygiene of food, minimizing the possibility of corruption, effectively cut off danger for health, meanwhile, conforms to convenience and rapidness requirements of modern people for food.

TINPLATE can be used for holding juice, coffee, tea and sports drink and also for holding cola, soda, beer and etc. High processability of TINPLATE makes the types of cans vary a lot. Regardless of long, short, large, small, square or round form, TINPLATE is able to meet requirements for a diversified packaging needs.

Light will incur and accelerate oxidation reaction of edible oil, reduce nutritive value and possibly generate harmful substance. More importantly, it will destroy the vitamins, especially vitamin D and vitamin A. Oxygen in the air will promote oxidation of the edible oil, reduce biomass of protein and destroy vitamins. TINPLATE effectively isolates light and air due to its light-proof property and its tightness; thus, it is the best choice for packing of oil and food.