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Growth Strategy

Our goal is to develop ourselves as a professional and reliable partner of the metal packaging businesses around the world. We would like to be known as a consistent, reliable and quality assured supplier in the industry. We believe a good reputation and corporate image is one of our key advantage when compared with other competitors domestically as well as in overseas markets.

We are implementing the following strategies to grow our business.

Innovation and technology

We have accumulated extensive experience and knowledge on tinplate manufacturing. We have registered a number of patents and plan to increase our focus on developing industry-leading technologies in the future. We consider that key technology advantages will, on one hand, effectively set our products apart from other similar products in this highly competitive market either through product differentiation or improved efficiency and cost reduction, and, on the other hand, will assist us in qualifying for “high and new technology enterprise” (HNTE) status in China.

Maintaining relationships with existing customers as well as creating new ones

We value our relationships with our existing customers and understand that these relationships can be successfully maintained so long as we can consistently deliver good quality products with competitive pricing as well as the ability to deliver products on time as required. Customer satisfaction will help build our company image in the industry. We place great emphasize on our corporate core values and ensure that our employees recognize and understand these values when performing their respective duties.

Our core values are:

  • safety of our operating environment;

  • quality of our products;

  • accountability of our customer service;

  • integrity in business dealings.

Lowering production cost

We seek to lower our manufacturing and logistic costs by maximizing efficiencies and minimizing raw material costs from centralized procurement in China and investing in technologies to further improve efficiency

Growing global presence and brand building

We believe that the internal governance standards that are required under the Australian corporate law as well as the continuous disclosure requirements for a company listed in Australia are well recognized internationally. A publicly listed company with better business transparency will enhance our corporate image in overseas markets and assist us in building stronger customer relationships with our existing and future overseas customers.