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Our factory manufactures tinplate products and black mill plate coils.  
Tinplate is a thin sheet or strip of steel coated electrolytically differentially on both sides with block tin.  Steel is a unique material with outstanding characteristics such as strength, formability and durability which is suited for the packaging of a wide variety of products. Steel, when used as a packaging material, can protect and preserve its contents from oxygen, light, and other external elements and thus preventing waste and spoilage.  
Our tinplate is applicable and supplied to customers in diverse industries. It is mainly used as food and beverage cans, general line cans, paint cans, aerosols, tea cans, battery casing, engine oil filters and office appliances etc. Cold-rolled steel coils as a semi-finished material are widely supplied to other steel further processing industries such as construction, automotive, household electronic appliances, furniture, machinery hardware etc.